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Established in 1989, the firm was one of the very first of the new type of law firms in Poland, founded as commercial companies. In its first years of existence, the firm operated as the limited liability company Law Office “LEXIM” Sp. z o.o. Presently, the firm is a professional partnership.

The time of fundamental economic change in Poland, which determined the firm’s first 10 years of operation, had a formative influence on its present profile: a firm that responds to new challenges, often not addressed by statutory law. To offer and provide legal services of the highest quality, which accommodate the diverse business realities and the long-term objectives of clients’ ventures has become the firm’s mission. The firm’s founders, Messrs Władysław Misiewicz and Jerzy Mosek (senior partners), lawyers who share many years of experience in judiciary, academia and professional practice, have persistently pursued that mission by intensively training young associates selected to join the firm, who – after a time – have become partners, and today are the core of a team of highly qualified lawyers, drawing on their combined expertise and experience.

Presently, the firm has ten partners, among whom the two senior partners, who manage the firm, have a preeminent position. In addition, the firm employs over ten lawyers (attorneys and trainee attorneys), who practice under the management and guidance of the partners.

As a matter of considered policy we remain a medium size practice, not pursuing unlimited expansion, and faithful to our chosen formula of customised service provided by an individual lawyer or a team of lawyers working as dictated by the client’s needs. Our combined resources – there are 30 lawyers working at the firm – are sufficient for the expeditious and efficient completion of even big and complex projects, which may require the simultaneous involvement of a number of lawyers.

We strive to give our clients answers to their questions and tailored solutions to their problems – not simply a legal treatise.

The firm’s offices are located at ul. Stągiewna 12 in Gdańsk, in a charming town house “Under the Golden Pelican”.

Working on this text we have tried to avoid the hyperbole often associated with websites. We value our clients’ time and wanted to present them with an accessible and user friendly manual, if you like, on how to use the firm. We hope we have achieved this.


Misiewicz, Mosek i Partnerzy
Legal Advisors

ul. Stągiewna 12/2
Gdańsk 80-750
tel.+ 48 58 305 35 19
fax + 48 58 305 34 85

Misiewicz, Mosek i Partnerzy Kancelaria Radców Prawnych
ul. Stągiewna 12/2 Gdańsk 80-750; tel.+48 58 3003 999; tel.+48 58 305 35 19; fax + 48 58 305 34 85
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